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Tax Saver Pack

Are you planning to go to Australia shortly?

If so, do not leave for Australia before registering for a TaxSaver Pack.

Australian Tax File Number
Without a tax file number you will be taxed at an emergency rate of 48%. Many employers will insist on you having your Australian tax file number setup before you start working. By registering for the Australian taxsaver pack Visa First will organise this for you so that you can start working immediately and pay tax at the normal rate of 29%

Australian Tax Refund
99% of working holiday makers will be due a tax refund having worked in Australia. While it may not seem relevant now as you have not begun working it will be very relevant when you are in Australia as money becomes ever so important. The average tax refund is approximately AU$2000 or almost €1500/£1000. You will be entitled to claim this back at the end of the tax year which is June 30th.

Most people don't get all of this back because they don't have the necessary paperwork from the employer, accurate expenses are not included and the application is filed incorrectly. As part of the taxsaver pack we will organise this for you and send your tax refund to your bank account in just 10 working days. This can be sent to you in Australia to assist you with your travels or alternatively sent to you in your home country.

The quickest way to apply is by phone today.
Australia:1 800 829 230
Canada:+1647 724 3535
Germany:0800 000 7272
Holland:+31 2 0890 8144
Ireland:01 878 3329
New Zealand:0800 462 967
UK:+44 207 659 9180
USA:+1866 772 9245

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