Australia ETA – Tourist Visa for Australia

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was introduced to replace the complicated visa application process previously in place for Australian tourist visas. Once you obtain your unique authorization number, you may enter Australia as a tourist for up to 3 months.

The Australian holiday visa is a multiple entry visa and entitles you to stay up to 3 months on each visit within the 12 months from when your visa is granted. Enjoy your travels in Australia - contact Visa First today and arrange your travel visa the easiest way – using our expert migration agents.

How to Apply for an ETA Tourist Visa

  1. Complete the short application form.
  2. Complete the secure online payment.
  3. After payment, your application will be linked to your passport.
  4. Your ETA will be confirmed shortly.

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What is ETA

The Electronic Travel Authority (or ETA) or Australian Tourist Visa provides a streamlined way to travel to and enter the country.

The ETA benefits foreign citizens travelling to Australia by allowing a swift process that includes no paper application, and no stamps on the passport.

The ETA is available to citizens of a number of eligible countries which have reached an agreement with the Immigrations. To apply for the Australian Tourist Visa you must be outside of the country, and must hold a passport from one of the eligible countries, which you may see below.

As the ETA is electronically linked to your passport, you ought to travel with the passport your visa is issued for. In case of stolen or lost passport, you will have to re-apply for the visa.

Countries Eligible for ETA Tourist Visa to Australia

Andorra Germany Lithuania Slovak Republic
Austria Greece Luxembourg Slovenia
Belgium Hong Kong (SAR) Malta South Korea
Brunei Hungary Monaco Spain
Bulgaria Iceland Netherlands Switzerland
Canada Ireland Norway United Kingdom
Cyprus Italy Poland USA
Czech Japan Portugal Vatican City
Denmark Latvia Republic Romania
Finland Liechtenstein Republic of San Marino Singapore

Conditions for ETA

*If you have criminal convictions, you may still be eligible for another Australian visa. Contact Visa First today and you will be assessed, so that our representatives find the most suitable option for a travel visa to Australia.