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Am I eligible for Australian Business Innovation or Investment (Provisional) Visa?

In order to apply for this visa, you need to apply through skills select, where must reach the pass mark of 65 points on the Innovation points test.

The requirements that you have to meet depend on the stream you would like to apply under.

To apply for the Business Stream, you must:
  • Have an annual turnover of at least AU$ 500 000 in at least 2 of the 4 fiscal years immediately before applying;
  • Have personal and business assists of at least AU$ 800 000;
  • Own a minimum percentage of the business; the percentage will vary with turnover of the business and whether publically-listed or not;
  • Have successful business career.
  • Have a genuine desire to own and maintain a management role in a business in Australia.

To apply for the Investor Stream, you must:
  • Have a high level of management skills;
  • Have minimum 3 years of experience in management;
  • Have total assets of at least AU$ 2.25 million for the 2 fiscal years before you apply;
  • Be prepared to make an investment of min AU$ 1.5 million.

To apply under the Significant Investor Stream, you must:
  • Be prepared to invest minimum AU$ 5 million;
  • Have personal and business assets of at least AU$ 5 million.